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Oil Cleansing - a how to....

We have been bombarded with specific science words for skincare and even more specific instructions. 
We seem to have become used to having detailed instructions on what time of day or night or where to use - eye cream night cream face cream body cream.
You know your skin better than anyone.

With One Oil you can use it as you need.
No rules necessary. 
However if you've never cleansed with an oil before then it may seem counterintuitive.
Cleansing with an oil helps to balance without stripping your skin's PH whilst also nourishing and moisturising.
Oils are brilliant at removing impurities.

How to oil cleanse

Use your One Oil on damp skin, give yourself a lovely massage and then wipe with a soft, wet cloth.

For a deeper cleanse apply One Oil on your face and then lay a warm, wet cloth over your skin for a few seconds to deep cleanse. Then wipe away.

If you need to moisturise after then simply apply more oil.

Thanks so much for reading - let me know how you get on!

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